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I started Salt Wax in 2012 and poured everything I had into making this a place where our clients always feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated. After 5 years in business, my husband and I decided to sell the business and move back to CA where we are from and where I had multiple other waxing studios: Elixr Wax Bar in San Diego. Since then, I also founded Ladybird Society a Coworking/Community (after moving back to SLC again!)


While owning and operating Ladybird in Salt Lake, I found out the owners who had purchased Salt from me were struggling to keep the business running, and were just weeks away from being forced to close their doors, and so I was offered an opportunity to keep the business going!

When I moved back to Utah I found myself for the first time in over a decade not in the wax world, so it is safe to say that I was more than ready to once again, build up this amazing business into something more then a standard waxing studio!

My passion is in creating a business that is full of body positivity, community, and that always welcomes everyone through our doors. No stuffy attitudes, just amazing waxing services with a team of wax babes who really care about our clients as much as I do.    

-xo, Monique

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