Brow waxing transforms your eyebrows from bushy messes into contoured perfection.

Very rarely do eyebrows grow in a flattering shape. Instead, they can grow in multiple directions and all out of bounds. Luckily, there’s a simple way to rein in these features and give your face a more defined look — with a brow wax!

Here at Salt Wax Society, our technicians spend ample time perfecting the shape of your brows, integrating them with your natural facial structure.

The Complete Brow Waxing Process

We’ll start with a brow mapping. This is where we’ll look at the sizes and shapes of brows that will complement your face.

We don’t believe in one brow for all people. Everyone has their own unique bone structure and facial features. We play to your strengths and map out the right shape for you.

Then we begin the process of crafting your best look. Our technicians will wax, trim and tweeze your eyebrows. This three-pronged approach allows us to get a defined, flawless look.

It also helps prevent too much from being taken off the eyebrow. Unlike other hair salons that are quick to wax large areas, we take our time and act conservatively.

In fact, our technicians typically spend 30 minutes on the process of brow mapping, tweezing and waxing. This gives us plenty of time to give you your best look.

Highlighting and Contouring After Your Brow Wax

Our service doesn’t end there, however. We want you to leave feeling refreshed and beautiful, not hiding your face behind oversized sunglasses. That’s why we’ll also highlight and contour your brows at the end of the service.

This process helps give your eyebrows a full and complete look.

Hair rarely grows in even layers. Some ends may be thicker than others. Rather than excessively tweezing out this layer, we’ll show you how to contour and add definition with a few simple makeup tips.

Not only will this save you some time and discomfort, but it will also help your brow waxing last longer. Our brow technicians are happy to answer any of your questions and give you helpful advice that you can use outside of the salon.

Brow Waxing in Salt Lake City and Holladay

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the brows are definitely the curtains. Much like curtains, your eyebrows have the ability to improve or distract from the view.

Here at Salt Wax Society, we believe you should have brows that complement your face and eyes. Our service gives you a defined, picture-perfect look you can take anywhere, whether it’s the runway or the grocery store.

Call us today to schedule your brow-waxing appointment in Salt Lake City or Holladay.