We are a membership-based wax and beauty bar that is setting the standard for a truly fantastic experience. Our vision is to create a space of inclusion, community over competition, and creating a lifestyle brand that is all about positivity and supporting other women. We love what we do and we have the best intentions. We strive to constantly grow and push ourselves to be better everyday.

We've put incredible effort into making sure EVERY SERVICE is the best around. We focus on efficient services while maintaining our service excellence.


We don't use just any wax. We have spent years testing different types of waxes and waxing techniques. Don't be fooled by those who say that strip wax OR hard wax is better. Our proprietary brazilian wax technique uses a specific combination of both waxes and is still completed in 15 minutes or less so you don't have to choose one wax or the other.

Our dedicated, in-house training is what sets us apart. All waxers are recruited, trained, and developed by the owner and put through her boot camp to ensure our unique waxing techniques are adopted, loved and maintained.


Our military style practices raise the bar on standards in health and hygiene for waxing. We set the bar pretty high when we opened up in 2012 as one of the first wax-only establishments in Salt Lake City. No double dipping, strict sanitation protocols, contraindication checks, gloves, hygiene wipes, hospital grade sanitation – no detail has been overlooked. We want to make sure every wax is safe and hygienic. And now with the addition of new services, we will maintain that same standard. We don't use whirlpool type pedicure chairs because of how unsanitary they can be. Anything with jets can easily spread bacteria. So jets are out. Instead, we use foot basins that we can thoroughly sterilize after each use. There are no crevices for bacteria to hide in so we can be 100% sure that our military-grade sanitation practices are being met. All of our pedicure tools are stainless steel so that they can also be thoroughly sterilized. If it's not stainless steel, then it's disposable and we don't reuse it. That means the nail files, buffers, etc are all thrown out after we use them once. We wish this was the standard for every nail salon, but unfortunately it's not. We also don't use "shavers" or any razor tools. Those tools can't be sanitized to our standards, it's unsafe and could lead to a break in the skin. Plus, removing callus skin improperly can lead to it growing right back, and worse. We'll use a single-use foot file to buff that skin down and finish with a refreshing scrub and massage for super smooth feet.


We have put together strict protocols for every aspect of the business. Our procedures and processes, client care and consultation and customization of your waxing and aftercare are all part of the Society way. However this is all made possible by amazing waxperts and nail designers who love what they do and allow their passion for their jobs show in all daily interactions. Our staff have a professional bedside manner and know how to help you relax, even have a laugh during your waxing services. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable or awkward silence.